Student Showcase

Thank you for attending our Online Student Showcase. We hope the evening and content presented will help guide your student’s next steps at Wheaton Academy. Below are the resources we would like your family to review as you watch our Showcase event. This information will help guide your family through the onboarding process at Wheaton Academy—especially class selection and registration.

High School Roadmap

The High School Roadmap

This quick guide is designed to help you understand the course progression for each department at Wheaton Academy. Throughout this booklet, you’ll also find sample student schedules that reflect the breadth of customization available to students with varying interests and passions.

Curriculum Guide

Find graduation requirements, course descriptions, and information about academic standards and procedures here.

Class Selection Sheet

Freshman Class Selection

Many families ask us about a typical freshman schedule. This handout helps families to better understand a student’s possible schedule and the elective courses available.

Co-Curricular Opportunities

Review this handout to see our co-curricular opportunities, and visit for more information.

Four Innovation Spotlights

While all Wheaton Academy students have opportunities to customize their schedules to reflect their unique interests and passions, some students may desire to pursue expertise in a particular field of study. Wheaton Academy offers several programs specially designed for these students.

MASTER Scholars

MASTER stands for Mathematics, Applied Science, Technology, Engineering, and Research. Every student at Wheaton Academy participates in the MASTER Program by taking Math and Science classes throughout high school, but students desiring to specialize in STEM may pursue a MASTER Scholar Designation on their diploma. These students must complete at least 30 credits of MASTER courses as described in the Curriculum Guide on pages 12-13.

Global Studies Certificate

Wheaton Academy encourages students to develop cross-cultural relationships that deepen their understanding that the Gospel is global. Students can receive a Global Studies Certificate designation on their diploma and transcript by completing one of two global studies options outlined in the Curriculum Guide on page 15. Program components may include demonstrating proficiency in a foreign language, serving in a cross-cultural setting, traveling abroad, or hosting an international student.

Business & Innovation

Wheaton Academy’s new Business and Innovation Program launches this fall, providing unique opportunities for students desiring to specialize in Business. A recommended course progression can be found in the High School Roadmap. Students involved in the Business program will have opportunities to operate student-run businesses, work with mentors, and compete in DECA.

Academy By Design

Academy by Design is a flexible, project-oriented, four-year program that empowers students to purposefully engage with challenges that matter to them and their communities. Students in this cohort would experience a relatively standard Freshman year; but by Senior year, these students will have immense freedom to shape their schedule around internships, online and alternative courses, collaborative projects, and deep immersion in specific fields of interest.

Summer Academy: June 13 - July 1

Summer Academy classes count as graduation credit for students, and the classes are intended to give students the opportunity for more flexibility in their school-year schedule. See what courses are available this summer here.

Parent Ambassadors

Parent Ambassadors

The Parent Ambassador Program is a framework for you to find your place as parents in our community. Here you will have opportunities to build relationships, promote educational excellence, and participate in service opportunities at Wheaton Academy.