Parent Ambassador Program

What is a Parent Ambassador?

The parent ambassador program is a framework for you to find your place in our community. Here you will have opportunities to build relationships, promote educational excellence, and participate in service opportunities at Wheaton Academy. This program is designed to invite you, as parents, to participate in our mission to nurture growth in students through relationships, excellence, and service to the glory of God.

Parent Ambassadors are the heart and hands of Wheaton Academy. Read on to learn how you can serve our community as a Parent Ambassador.

Connection Team

The purpose of the Connection Team is to build relationships among parents and help make parent to parent connections throughout the larger Wheaton Academy community.  This team intentionally engages with newly enrolled families throughout the school year to assist in the onboarding process.  A new family can interact with a current family to hear an authentic perspective of the academic programs, co-curricular opportunities and enduring relationships among students and teachers.

To volunteer for the events related to the Connection Team we do ask that you attend a short virtual training session and work with one of our core Parent Ambassador Connection team members at events.


Network Team

The purpose of the Network Team is to share knowledge and enthusiasm for the outstanding Christian education available at Wheaton Academy with families who want to learn more about our school. Word-of-mouth referrals mobilize 75% of private school applicants. 

We will train and empower this team to support the enrollment process and fortify the network of potential future Warriors.

To volunteer on the Network Team, we do ask that you attend a short virtual training session and work with one of our core Parent Ambassador Network team members at events.


Service Team

Once at Wheaton Academy, parents can find a place to serve and participate in volunteer activities. These volunteer activities are a one-time commitment or ongoing and do not require any training.

If you would like to serve at Wheaton Academy, please email Jim Holtrop. 

WA Appreciation Team

Would you like to encourage and show gratitude to the Faculty and Staff at Wheaton Academy? The efforts of the WA Appreciation Committee are made on behalf of all Wheaton Academy families. You can contribute toward these efforts and know that your love and support will be felt throughout the entire school year.

Might you consider sponsoring one Faculty/Staff member with a contribution toward these efforts?  If you prefer to donate your time, please see the events sign up sheet below.

These donations are not considered a part of Wheaton Academy. Funds are managed by volunteers and completely optional.

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