Wheaton Academy desires to create unique opportunities for students to engage in career shaping activities and help them discover how God has uniquely equipped them to positively impact the world. An internship provides a student firsthand perspective of the skills and tasks needed to be successful in a potential career path.

Note: During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are allowing project-based assignment to not require full-time (60 hours) on-site presence. A project-based assignment could be a report or presentation: (1) about the industry; (2) analyzing a particular issue, market trend, product, competitor, or customer; or (3) about the results of marketing campaign or display, for example. It is anticipated that the student would deliver the report or presentation at the end of the internship as a capstone.


The experience can engage students, for example, in business strategy, digital transformation, sales, marketing, or operations of a for profit or not-for-profit business. It can also give them a glimpse into, for example, the engineering, computer science, real estate, food service, wealth management, commodities trading, education, or healthcare industry.

Wheaton Academy places such high value on these experiences that starting with the class of 2022, students must complete one internship sometime in their four years. 

While Wheaton Academy encourages students to use the two weeks of Winterim to pursue an internship, alternate timing may be available based on the internship opportunity, nature of an experience, and student availability. We will work with the host and students to create the best experience possible.


  • Provide students with realistic, challenging experiences in for-profit and non-profit business
  • Help students learn about business and careers with hands-on experience
  • Prepare students by developing leadership, management, and other employment skills
  • Expose students to professional expectations
  • Create mentoring relationships where professionals share the benefits, drawbacks, and paths for entering the profession
  • Intentionally engage students to answer questions, provide information, and resources about different careers and industries
  • Reinforce how important it is to think, be curious and problem solve

Expectations of the Student Intern: 
Students agree to the following terms BEFORE for the internship experience:

  • Students should attempt to make arrangements for an internship with an internship host before completing the online internship application.
  • An internship host needs to be someone outside of the student’s immediate family (immediate family includes parent and siblings) unless an exception is requested and approved.
  • Students should show their internship host these internship guidelines and ensure their internship host understands the purpose and requirements.
  • Students understand that the school is not liable for any injuries that they may sustain as a result of this internship.
  • Students understand that they may be removed from the internship if they do not follow the guidelines or if the perform poorly.

Students agree to the following terms DURING the internship experience:

  • Students must work a minimum of 60 hours for the internship. Students will arrive at the location on time each day, as required and agreed upon with the host. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the internship can include a project-based assignment so that it does not require full-time (60 hours) on-site presence.
  • Students’ workday should not exceed eight hours on any given workday.
  • In most cases, students should be working at their location for each day. Exceptions are allowed for project-based assignments or virtual work environments.
  • Students must submit their Internship Portfolio following the completion of their internship.
  • Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that complements the business’ expectations and policies, maintaining high standards of professionalism while at the internship location.
  • Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the internship location.

Student Enrollment Criteria:

  • Student has had no more than twelve excused absences during the year prior to the internship.
  • Student has had no unexcused absences during the year prior to the internship or suspension from school for any reason during the year prior to an internship.
  • Priority for internship placement will be shown to those students who are in good standing with Wheaton Academy. Students who are on any type of school probation must complete an additional interview with an Internship Coordinator for acceptance into the program.

Expectations of the Internship Host

Student interns are supervised by the internship host, a staff person employed by the worksite. Typically, the internship host has experience and expertise in the area in which the student is interning. The host should be prepared to:

  • Prior to the student’s first day of the internship, the internship host will meet with the student to discuss his or her responsibilities, orientation to the job, and workplace policies and expectations.
  • Provide the student with realistic, challenging assignments that facilitate learning. (We want to avoid students just conducting work of a clerical nature).
  • Provide adequate equipment, materials, and other facilities required to provide an appropriate learning experience for the student intern.
  • Help the student learn about business culture and adjust to the workplace. Please inform the student about the business regulations regarding confidentiality and public access to information.
  • Serve as a mentor, sharing the benefits and potential drawbacks of a career in the field and giving suggestions for entering the profession.
  • Supervise and intentionally meet with the intern on a daily basis during the internship to guide performance, answer questions, and provide background information and resources related to the intern’s work.
  • Adhere to all applicable State, Federal and government agency rules and regulations
  • Notify the Internship Coordinator immediately of any problem which occurs that cannot be resolved by the internship host.
  • Submit an internship evaluation and sign the daily log at the end of the internship experience.

Students Share Their Internship Experiences

During Winterim, students have the opportunity to intern at a for-profit or non-profit business. Internships provide students with firsthand experience in the skills that they will need in order to be successful in a potential career and beyond. This valuable experience often informs the decisions that students make as they look ahead towards college. It also gives them exposure to professional mentors who are doing what they may want to do later in life. But don’t just take our word for it—hear directly from our students as they share what they learned.

The quotes and stories below represent just a handful out of the 170+ internship experiences during 2021. We are so grateful to all of the business who chose to partner with our students during the past two weeks. These invaluable experiences help students to identify ways that God may be calling them to use their talents to build His kingdom.