Setting Up Your Surface

Getting Started

You received Your username and password with your Surface Pro 6. This password also applies to your account. You can change this password when you are here on the WA campus by pressing the Ctrl, Alt, and Del keys at the same time and selecting Change a Password.

For the best experience, use the Chrome browser. Sign in to with your account (same as the login to your laptop, distributed with your Surface Pro 6). Changing your laptop password also changes this password.

OnCampus is Wheaton Academy’s online academic center. At, click Login in the top righthand menu, then click “Forgot Login or First Time Logging in?” Enter your email address and check the Password box so you can set your password. Check your Inbox for the Password Request URL email, and click the password reset URL. Watch a tutorial!

On the start menu, select the item Backup and Sync from Google. It takes a few moments to load, then sign in with your account (see above). Accept default settings by clicking OK and Next. Save all your school files to Google Drive! Files saved other places may not be backed up and could be lost if the Surface Pro 6 is damaged or lost. Watch a tutorial!

  • Open Word or Excel.
  • Click the username in the upper right-hand corner, and select Switch Account (or Sign In), then Add Account. (Don’t use the account.)

Sign in with a Personal Microsoft account that you may have (, xbox), or create one: you can click Add Account, then Create One! at the Sign In screen. Use your address and check your email for the confirmation code. This will be a Personal account, not a Work or School account. You can also use this account also to sign in to Microsoft OneDrive. It’s like Google Drive, but integrates with programs like OneNote and Word very nicely.

Video Tutorials

  1. How To Setup A Microsoft Office Account
  2. How To Activate Microsoft Office
  3. Installing Drawboard PDF
  4. Signing into Microsoft Office and OneNote
  5. Switching Accounts in Microsoft Office

Taking Care of Your Surface

DO keep your Surface in its case at all times.
DON'T leave it in hot (or cold) vehicles.
DON'T leave your Surface in places where it could be stolen.
DON'T lean on the Surface Pro 6 when the hinge is fully extended! The hinge can break.
DON'T charge it where someone could trip on the cable.

If you break your Surface Pro 6 . . .
If it was not in the case, or it has ever been taken out of the case, you will pay the full price for the repair. If it was in the case, the first repair is $200, the next $300. After that, you pay the full price for the repair.

Maintain Your Surface Pro 6

  • Fully restart your Surface Pro 6 at least once a week.
  • Apply all updates as soon as possible! (Restarting applies downloaded updates.)
  • Battery care: once a month, let the battery drain below 50% before charging it. Avoid leaving your device plugged in 24/7 to keep your battery at the right temperature. Avoid complete battery drain.
  • Please DO label your pen and charger (we have a label maker you can use!), but do NOT put stickers or write or draw on the Surface Pro 6, the keyboard, or the case.
  • Watch a tutorial on updating and restarting your surface!

Be careful when you install software: you are a local administrator and can install software when you need to, but be careful! If a dialog box pops open asking “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?” THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU CLICK YES. If you were intentionally installing trustworthy software, click Yes. Otherwise, click No. That’s how malicious software can get installed. Watch a tutorial on installing programs and being careful! 

Back up your data! Save your files on Google Drive via Backup and Sync, or to Microsoft OneDrive. If your Surface Pro 6 malfunctions, you could lose all the files on your system unless they are on Google Drive or OneDrive. You are responsible to back up your files.

You May Want To…

Make sure you’ve signed in to Microsoft Office, or you are unlikely to find your files later. If you have signed in with your Personal Microsoft account (create one now if you don’t have one, see above), your OneNote folders are automatically backed up in the cloud.

It’s a great program for writing on PDF files! You may need to sign in to the Microsoft Store with the same personal Microsoft account you used to sign in to Microsoft Office. Watch a tutorial!

You have an Adobe Creative Cloud account already created for you. Open the Adobe Creative Cloud application, and enter your email address. Because you have never logged in before, click Reset Your Password, then check your email Inbox for a link to set a password. You can update your apps or install new ones from that Creative Cloud application. Watch a tutorial!

This allows you to sign in just by looking at the camera. Search for Sign-in options and click Set Up under Windows Hello. Or find it by going to Settings, Accounts, Sign-in Options, Windows Hello.

Read our One-to-One Device Policy Information