Winterim 2023 Trips

Missions Trips

Kids Alive Dominican Republic:
Business and Missions

This trip is combining our Business Innovation lab and a Kids Alive Service Team.

Students will be part of a Service team mission trip where they will assist Kids Alive International missionaries and staff with construction, English tutoring, and other requested service opportunities as well as meet the students that Wheaton Academy sponsors in the Dominican Republic. Students will learn how to serve vulnerable children by helping Kids Alive meet students health, educational, and spiritual needs.

In addition, students will partner  with KidsAlive International to equip under-resourced children with lifelong learning lessons in personal economics and business. We will work with a group of students to develop a student run business. 

Trip Leaders: Val Gregersen and Phil Strzalka
Support Needed per student: $2500-2800
Open to: Juniors and Seniors


The story of Scotland as one of the preeminent missionary sending countries is well known across the Christian world. However, the last 50 years have seen Scotland and the UK move closer to becoming a post-Christian Society. Therefore, the opportunity to minister the light of the Gospel has never been more needed than today.
While staying outside of Edinburgh, sometimes with host families, students will have the opportunity to participate in the challenging task of working with a variety of local churches in the central belt of Scotland. It is our hope that the trip will impact your faith and give you a greater experience of personal growth in your walk with God. This trip will be best suited to those who are comfortable sharing their faith in all sorts of circumstances. Opportunities may include working with youth groups, schools, and Para-church support ministries. As part of the trip, there will be an opportunity to visit some key historical sites and points of interest in the heart of Scotland. We then will debrief our trip as we visit some significant sites in London.

Trip Leaders: David Tollefsen

Support needed per student: $3000 
Open to: All Grades

Fiji: Faith and Farming

Fiji, Farming, and Faith is a missions trip designed to give students the opportunity to serve, be stretched and grow. Students will be able to share God’s love while experiencing the Fijian culture. The trip will include working on projects at the farm, conducting kid’s clubs, and volunteering at a home for single mothers and orphans. This trip is a chance to serve those in need, live simply, and grow in your walk with Christ.

Come experience both sides of the postcard! 

Trip Leaders: Jacques Bowker and Katelyn Johnson
Support needed per student: $2500-2700 
Open to: All Grades

GO Ministries Men and Women's Basketball Missions Trip

During the two weeks of Winterim 2023, the mens and womens basketball teams will be immersed into a cross-cultural service and missions experience in the Dominican Republic that will provide opportunities for players to collectively live out the call of Christ on their lives through sports and service. Partnering with Go! Ministries, members basketball team will have the opportunity to put on sports camps for kids in the Dominican Republic and will work together on service projects in collaboration with Go! Ministries.

In addition, the team will spend intentional time together studying God’s Word and working through a book study focused on the Christian call to missions. The purpose of the trip is to provide opportunities for the basketball teammates to live out the call of Christ to bring the Gospel to the world through the specific means of relational service to those who are in physical need.

Trip Leaders: Coach Fritz, Coach Smith, Coach Carwell, and Coach Davona
Support needed per student: $2600-3000 
Open to: Males and Females

Adventure Trips


Can you imagine standing where David fought Goliath? Or imagine standing at the Southern Steps of the Temple where Pentecost took place? Maybe see yourself in the location where Jesus was crucified.  

Being able to see these sites, dramatically impacts the way you read your Bible.  This trip gives students the opportunity to see where the stories of the bible took place and read their bible differently when they return home.

Important to note, trip dates for this trip are Jan 7-17.

Trip Leaders: Hollee and Daniel Ball

Student Cost: $4200-4500 
Open to: All Grades

Costa Surf and Science

SURF the waves of COSTA RICA! The boys surf trip in Costa Rica will be an exciting adventure and a unique opportunity to learn the sport of surfing, and at the same time, gain knowledge about marine science. We will specifically target physical oceanography and explore how waves, weather, and currents affect the coastline.

Costa Rica means “Rich Coast” and once you see Playa Grande (“Big Beach”) you will know why. The beach is three miles long and nearly untouched because it is a national park created to protect the endangered leatherback turtles. Students will review the life cycles of sea turtles and the importance of maintaining beach conditions for nesting. Students also will immerse themselves in the culture and Spanish language through three service projects both on the beach and in the community. In addition to surfing, sea turtles, and service, the group will have the opportunity to relax, enjoy dinner at the Rip-Jack Inn, and bond through studying the book of Nehemiah.
This trip will serve as a great platform for our young men to step out of their comfort zone and try some physical activities that will grow them in their courage, self-confidence, and trust in the Lord. They will also learn how to build others up through several service opportunities.

Experience Pura Vida (Pure Life) in Costa Rica!

Trip Leaders: Nate Leman and David Rivera

Student Cost: $4500 
Open to: All Grades, Males Only

Wrestling Team to Colorado

Trip Leaders: Justin Swider

Student Cost: $1000-1200 
Open to: All Grades, Males Only

Educational Trips

Best of England and Scotland

Come explore the best of England and Scotland! If you are ready for travel to leave you speechless by the awe and wonder of God’s creation, this nine day tour is for you! Though bonded politically by the United Kingdom and geographically by the island of Great Britain, England and Scotland each maintain their own distinct character. In Edinburgh, experience kilts, bagpipes and haggis as you absorb proud Scottish history. At Windsor Castle and Oxford University, the English accent reveals its royal tradition. Take in the bustle of London and the world-class archaeological site of Stonehenge. Students must be comfortable with international travel/flights and walking long distances throughout the day. Come explore the United Kingdom and savor the beauty, culture, and rich history of these remarkable countries!

Trip Leaders: Evan and Mandy Jasper

Student Cost: $4150-4250

Open to: All Grades

Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.

This is a 1 week class and 1 week trip collaboration. Students will learn on campus from a WA teacher the first week and then travel to DC the second week to discover and explore many of the interesting and significant sites. This counts towards government class credit.

Trip Leaders: Leah Rinker and Leah Dunlap

Student Cost: $2000 
Open to: All Grades 

Italy Immersion

Do you love Italian food and gelato? Then Italy is for you! You will go Rome , Florence, and other cities and small towns. This trip will tour the Colosseum, visit the Michelangelo’s David Statue, visit cathedrals, and enjoy amazing food including “real” pizza. We will also take a cooking class! This trip requires walking, as we will walk around the amazing centuries old towns and cities each day.

Trip Leaders: Jim Holtrop

Student Cost: $4800
Open to: All Grades