Winterim 2024 Trips

2024 Trip application due Wednesday, September 13 by midnight


Wheaton Academy is using a new online portal called Managed Missions for all Winterim trips. Managed Missions usually works with tax-deductible travel opportunities, but has the capability to help support all of Wheaton Academy’s Winterim trips, including those that are educational and experiential. On the Managed Missions website, payments are referred to as “donations,” but please note that not all trips are tax deductible. If the trip the students signs up for is tax deductible, the student will receive instructions from trip leaders on how to solicit support for their trip.

Travel allows student to experience learning outside of the classroom, putting into practice the College Readiness skills they are equipped with in classes and co-curricular activities. Through travel, students experience the depth and breadth of the Kingdom of God by interacting with people and cultures from around the world. While traveling, students deepen relationships with each other, trip leaders, and God, and they often have the opportunity to serve. Winterim trips are amazing opportunities that impact students’ lives deeply in a way that is wholly aligned with the mission of the school.

Typically, Juniors and Seniors fill the majority of the spots available on trip rosters. Select trips each year are open to all grade levels. Sophomores – Seniors apply for trip in the Spring semester and Freshman learn of select trip options in the Fall semester. Students and parents need to agree to the policies for travel that outline conditions and expectations for students before and during trips.

Each winter sport coach has established Winterim travel expectations. Often, Winter sports teams use Winterim as an opportunity to develop a trip for their team. Students are encouraged to be in contact with their coaches regarding travel opporunties and how they fit within the winter sports schedule. Contact the Athletic Director Brad Byrne at with questions about a specific sport.

Students and their families are solely responsible for obtaining any necessary travel documents including passports and visas. Each passport needs to be valid 6 months after the date of travel.

Students will complete a general online trip application. Each application will be reviewed to determine travel eligibility by our administrative and student services team.

The application asks students to pick their first and second trip choice. Wheaton Academy tries to assign all students to one of their top two choices. In the event that there are more students applications than roster spots available on a specific trip, the Winterim trip coordinator considers factors such as age, total roster composition, and students services and administrator input.

We use an online payment system through our application for the initial deposit. Each trip leader is the budget manager for all following payments.

We offer 5 different types of trips:

  • Faith in Action
  • Service and Missions
  • Educational
  • Adventure
  • Leadership Development

Missions Trips: Faith in Action

Scotland Missions: Heralds Trust

The story of Scotland as one of the preeminent missionary sending countries is well known across the Christian world. However, the last 50 years have seen Scotland and the UK move closer to becoming a post-Christian Society. Therefore, the opportunity to minister the light of the Gospel has never been more needed than today.

While staying outside of Edinburgh, sometimes with host families, students will have the opportunity to participate in the challenging task of working with a variety of local churches in the central belt of Scotland. It is our hope that the trip will impact your faith and give you a greater experience of personal growth in your walk with God. This trip will be best suited to those who are comfortable sharing their faith in all sorts of circumstances. Opportunities may include working with youth groups, schools, and Para-church support ministries. As part of the trip, there will be an opportunity to visit some key historical sites and points of interest in the heart of Scotland. We then will debrief our trip as we visit some significant sites in London.

Prerequisites: Students must be willing to lead chapels and services, must display an understanding of basic theological principles to help share the Gospel, must be able to articulate their faith in a public setting, must be able to write their testimony in writing, must be comfortable staying in host homes while also demonstrating appropriate manners and behavior, and must be able to walk long distances and on uneven pavement

Trip Leaders: David Tollefsen and Alyssa Strzalka
Support needed per student: $3300-3500
Open to: All Grades

Missions Trips: Service and Mission

Nigeria Parent/Student Missions Trip

Step out of your comfort zone and see first hand what it is like to combine mission and business to reach the lost in Jos, Nigeria. Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa. One out of every 4 Africans is Nigerian. This trip will bring students and parents up close to victims of human trafficking, survivors of church persecution and show the ins and outs of a mission families life on the field. Applicants should have a relationship with Christ, be ready to share their faith and be capable of seeing hard things in hard places. This trip will give you a chance to hear testimonies first hand that others have only read about in magazines and books while experiencing Africa!

We recommend a parent travel with each student.

Trip Leaders: Nate Leman
Support needed per student: $3000-3200
Open to: All Grades

Kids Alive Dominican Republic Missions Trip

Come experience the amazing culture and beauty of the Dominican Republic by serving in the KidsAlive ministry. You will have the opportunity to meet students that we champion at Wheaton Academy through the work of ProjectLEAD Global. 

We will play sports, participate in Awana-type activities, complete service projects,  and build relationships with the kids and facility. We will also hike to a waterfall and enjoy the surrounding environment.

Trip Leaders: Phil Strzalka and Sally Strzalka
Support needed per student: $2500
Open to: 9, 10, 11, and 12 grade

Nicaragua Missions Trip

Website: Click here

Nicaragua is a tropical land of mountains, volcanos, lakes, rainforests, and beaches. It is located in Central America, between Honduras and Costa Rica, and is considered the poorest country in Latin America.

We will be partnering with an organization called Students International to meet the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of people in the town of Masaya, Nicaragua which is located about 40 miles from the capital city of Managua. Masaya is a city with an immense amount of poverty, like many cities in Nicaragua, but you will have the opportunity to work alongside national workers in the occupational field of your choice.

Are you passionate about medicine? Then explore the field of health care for the week. Are you interested in Physical Therapy? Then join a physical therapist for the week to see how s/he meets the physical needs of Nicaraguans. Other vocational areas include Agriculture, Social Work, Sports, and MicroFinance. Students will venture out to their individual sites during the day, and then debrief back at the SI base each night where they will stay in cabins.

Students must be at least 14 years of age, be able to walk/hike short distances, and have a sense of adventure and passion for reaching the poor! Though Spanish is not required, any knowledge and ability to use Spanish would be a huge help. An additional excursion to the beach or exploring a volcano will be included, along with exploring the culture, food, and communities of Nicaragua. ¡Vamos!

Trip Leaders: Stacey Krohn
Support needed per student: $2400
Open to: 10, 11, and 12 grade

Kids Alive - Guatemala Missions Trip

This trip is for girls only.

Students will travel to Guatemala and serve that Oasis and La Arquilla Girl Residential Homes. These homes are for girls that have been rescued from abusive situations. Wheaton Academy students will assist Kids Alive International staff and missionaries with work projects at the residential home.

Trip Leaders: Val Gregersen
Support needed per student: $2400-2600
Open to: Girls only

South Korea: Seoul

What comes to mind when you think of Korea? Most likely you think of political tensions and secrecy surrounding the people of North Korea. However, there is more to the story of the North Korean people; a story that is being told as North Korean citizens are making their way out of the country and building new lives for their families.

Come along with us as we journey to Seoul, South Korea, to teach and do life with the children of North Korean defectors. Together we can get to know some wonderful people who have given up their lives and homes in hopes of providing a future for their families, and hopefully understand a little bit more about what it means to provide a sense of belonging to those around us.

Trip Leaders: Jacques Bowker
Support needed per student: $4400-4600
Open to: 10, 11, and 12 grade

Adventure Trips

Go West Young Man

Trip Leaders: Chris Felinski and Justin Swider

The phrase “Go West Young Man” originated from 19th century when the concept of Manifast Destiny was prevalent – the idea that America was destined to someday reach from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. This phrase has also been used to describe an adolescent as they go from boyhood to manhood.

Adventure trips are designed to teach students and skills in a hands-on adventure environment. The very nature of this trip is that we will be spending a lot of times outdoors. There will be both strenuous tasks as well as leisure physical activities. We also have a strong emphasis on what it is like to grow up, and we want to teach the students some basic life skills, such as living with each other, resolving conflict, cooking food, and budgeting. We can’t wait to have you!

Student Cost: $2200-2400 

Open to: All Grades, Boys Only

Costa Rica Girls: Surf, Science and Service

Trip Leaders: Anna Joy Setran

SURF the waves of COSTA RICA! The girls surf trip in Costa Rica will be an exciting adventure and a unique opportunity to learn the sport of surfing, and at the same time, gain knowledge about marine science. We will specifically target physical oceanography and explore how waves, weather, and currents affect the coastline.

Costa Rica means “Rich Coast” and once you see Playa Grande (“Big Beach”) you will know why. The beach is three miles long and nearly untouched because it is a national park created to protect the endangered leatherback turtles. Students will review the life cycles of sea turtles and the importance of maintaining beach conditions for nesting. Students also will immerse themselves in the culture and Spanish language through three service projects both on the beach and in the community. In addition to surfing, sea turtles, and service, the group will have the opportunity to relax, enjoy dinner at the Rip-Jack Inn, and bond through studying the book of Nehemiah.

This trip will serve as a great platform for our girls to step out of their comfort zone and try some physical activities that will grow them in their courage, self-confidence, and trust in the Lord. They will also learn how to build others up through several service opportunities.

Experience Pura Vida (Pure Life) in Costa Rica!

Student Cost: $4500 

Open to: 10, 11 and 12 grade, Girls Only

Educational Trips

France, Germany and the Alps

Get ready to travel to Western Europe! We will start in Paris, where students get to see the Palace of Versailles, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre. We’ll then take a train to Switzerland to spend a couple days in Lucerne, which will include a trip to Mount Pilatus, and visits to mountain towns with great cuisine! Following Lucerne we will depart for Munich, Germany, where we will see the Olympic Stadium, the headquarters of BMW, and the famous Bavarian Castle! A trip to Dachau will also be a part of our stop in Germany. We will end our trip with an excursion in Salzburg! We cannot wait to travel through Western Europe and see so many historic sites!

Trip Leaders: Leah Rinker and Leah Dunlap

Student Cost: $4400

Open to: 10, 11 and 12 grade

Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.

This is a 1 week class and 1 week trip collaboration. Students will learn on campus from a WA teacher the first week and then travel to DC the second week to discover and explore many of the interesting and significant sites. This counts towards government class credit.

Trip Leaders: Evan Jasper

Student Cost: $2000 
Open to: 10, 11 and 12 grade 

Israel Tour

You’re invited to join us on a 11 day, all-inclusive Israel Study Tour.

You will be immersed in the land and lessons of the Bible as you’re led on a journey through Scripture while your local guide and driver will bring the past and present culture of Israel alive to all your senses.

Unlike other Holy Land tours, this tour is solely focused on bringing Scripture to life through first-hand experiences in the places the stories actually happened. An all-inclusive trip you’ll be free to focus on each moment without worrying about lodging, tips, transportation, entrance fees, food or water.

Trip Leaders: Amy and Brian Hogan
Student Cost: $4600
Open to: 10, 11, and 12 grade


Greek Immersion! If you love food and you love ancient cultures, Greece is for you. We will travel to Athens, Corinth, and Delphi experiencing ; Paul’s Missionary Journeys, art, architectures, & amazing Greek food. We will take a one day cruise through the islands and even ride donkeys! This trip is for all grades and both genders and is an 11 day trip. You will walk through the cities of Greece and experience a culture of fun, food, and, and lots of fried cheese!!

Trip Leaders: Jim Holtrop
Student Cost: $4800-4900
Open to: 10, 11, and 12 grade

Science in Puerto Rico

Students will hike in a tropical rainforest, kayak, zipline and snorkel as we explore various natural wonders of the island of Puerto Rico. We will also do a service project while we are there. Students should be able to hike distances, swim, and willing to learn how to snorkel and zipline.

Trip Leaders: Kiernan Mack

Student Cost: $2800-2995
Open to: 10, 11, and 12 grade

Leadership Development

Boys's Varsity Basketball Trip-Nashville

WA Boys Varsity basketball heads to Nashville for a week of competitive hoops, college visits, service projects, and leadership development. Not only will we get to practice and play against some of the city’s top high school competition, but we will also be able to meet and interact with local college coaches and players at both the D1 and D2 levels. Our team will experience the fun the city of Nashville has to offer while also finding ways to serve the local community.

Trip Leaders: Coach Smith
Student Cost: $1800-2000 
Open to: Boy Varsity Players

Girl's Varsity Basketball Trip-Virginia

Wheaton Academy Girls Basketball program will travel to Charlottesville, VA. During our time in Virginia we will continue our season with competition against 2 high schools as well as visit 2 colleges. We will experience the greatness of our Creator by spending some time outside by getting to spend a day snow tubing down the Shenandoah Mountains as well as a morning, hiking Monticello trails to see the sunrise.

Trip Leaders: Coach Carwell
Student Cost: $2000-2100 
Open to: Girl’s Varsity Players

Unlock Vietnam: Culture, Community and Exploration

Hanoi —> Ha Long Bay —> Sapa —> Hoi An

Looking for a travel experience that goes beyond the typical tourist trail? This trip to Vietnam is a unique blend of cultural immersion, community engagement, and exploration that takes you off the beaten path. Delve into the vibrant history and daily life of Hanoi, connect with local students, and experience the breathtaking allure of Halong Bay’s emerald waters and Sapa’s misty mountain landscapes. This journey is about more than seeing new things—it’s about engaging with communities and landscapes in a way that enriches your worldview. Pack your sense of adventure and get ready for a transformative experience!

Trip Leaders: James Brannon and Rochelle Yang

Student Cost: $3500
Open to: 10, 11 and 12 grade

Questions: Contact Amy