Information about October 12: PSAT Testing Date

For Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors:

On October 12, all freshman, sophomore, and junior students will take the PSAT

  • All Freshmen will take the PSAT 8/9. Testing will begin at 8:00am and should finish around 11:30am. 
  • All Sophomores and Juniors will take the PSAT NMSQT. Testing will begin at 8:00am and should finish around 12:00pm. 
  • If your student receives accommodations on the test, please look for an email with more information about your student’s unique testing time. 
As your student prepares for the test, we encourage you to note the following information:
  • Please make sure your student has a good breakfast that morning. 
  • Students must bring two #2 pencils and an approved calculator
  • Students will not be able to check their cell phones for the entire time of the test. 
  • There will not be lunch available at school on test day, due to early dismissal. 
  • Students may have a drink or food snack in between testing sections if they pack and bring it with them to school on the day of the test. Students would need to put it away under their desks at the end of each break.
  • You may pick up your student as soon as they are dismissed from their testing rooms.

Students will be receiving a Student Guide in Advisory. We recommend students review that booklet or view the information online. Important information includes a reminder that there is no penalty for guessing–so students are encouraged to give their best answer to every question. 

If you have any questions prior to the PSAT testing date, please contact Gina Churchill, the PSAT Coordinator. 

For Seniors : 

On Wednesday, October 12, Wheaton Academy will host PSAT testing for all 9th-11th grade students. While this is not a day where seniors must be on campus, Wheaton Academy is committed to providing them with service opportunities, time, and support as they navigate the college admission process. Accordingly, we wanted to let you know about two exciting opportunities for Seniors on October 12. This is also a great day for seniors to work on and finish college applications. 

Option #1–College Essays: The Lifelong Learning Center is offering a college application essay writing seminar led by Wheaton Academy English teachers and Lifelong Learning Center Academic coaches. There will be two separate sessions, one for students who have yet to start writing college application essays and the other for students who have drafted essays and are looking for feedback. Please see the seminar details below and use the link to register for one of the sessions. Space is limited! 

    1. Session 1: 9:00 – 10:00 am – Getting Started, Tips, & Tricks 
    2. Session 2: 10:30 – 11:30 am – Workshop: Bring a draft of your essay for feedback from an Academic Coach 

For questions about this opportunity, please contact Phil Strzalka

Option #2–Service Opportunity: The Service Project Club offers seniors an opportunity to serve as a class in partnership with Feed My Starving Children in Aurora. Seniors are invited to meet at Feed My Starving Children from 9 – 10:45 am. Space is limited. Please sign up using the link below using student’s WAscholar email. 

For questions about this opportunity, please contact Eric Bowling

Option #3–Independently Finish College Applications: If students would rather use the time on October 12 to continue making progress on their college applications, we encourage students to do so.