Technology Philosophy

As you walk through our halls, you will notice that students will be typing on a laptop, messaging on a smartphone, or swiping through an iPad. The presence of technology both in our school and in the lives of students is everywhere.

At Wheaton Academy, we look at this technological environment as an incredible opportunity to teach students to use technology in a way that is responsible and productive, connecting members of our community to each other.

When we give students a piece of technology, our training goes beyond just how to use the device. It challenges students not only to use the device to create an inspired project but also to ask themselves, “How is technology shaping me as a person?”

What Are Our Technology Goals for Students?

  • We want students to master the basics of managing their electronic resources to achieve their learning goals.
  • Students need to use technology to interact with people through social media in a manner that fosters collaboration and draws people closer to the Christian community.
  • It is an important skill to use technology creatively in ways that reflect the goals of their courses, depth of thinking and enriched learning.
  • We want students to use technology in a manner that draws them closer to Christ by examining their use in light of a Christian worldview. For example, “is my security in Christ or in my online identity?”
  • “Information Literacy” is one of the most important skills for the 21st-century learner. We want students to use technology to develop the ability to discern relevant, valid information to use in their academic pursuits.
  • Students need to develop a global awareness and do so through the use of technology. What issues are going on in the world? How can our students be part of a solution?
  • Finally, we want to help students develop “technology discipline” so it does not become a distraction that detracts from relationships and productivity.