I am stressed out about filtering/I am trying to install a filter and it is not working/I want to destroy all technology.

Hmmmmmm. I actually can relate to your situation as I often want to run to the hills when technology is frustrating.  Of course, I am a resource for you and you are always welcome to contact me, Josh Burick, via email. However, for issues within your home, like installing an effective filtering system, I highly recommend Steve Johnson, whose contact information is on our Downloads & Consultant Resources page.

What if the Suface breaks? Where does my student go?

The first place to go is to our wonderful assistant Mrs. Hess, who is stationed as our help desk consultant in the lower library. She will either take the Surface and give your student a temporary replacement or simply direct them to Mr. Vishanoff, who is our I.S. director and in charge of all repairs. Mr. Vishanoff’s contact information is bobvishanoff@wheatonacademy.org. He is an incredibly patient man placed directly into our tech department by God.

How much do repairs cost?

This depends a bit on the type of repair. In a nutshell, if the cost of the repair is less that $150, then you are charged whatever the cost is if it is due to negligent use. If it is $150 and above, the total cost to you will be $150 no matter what the repair. Each time there is a new breakage, we add $50 to that total. So, the second repair would be $200, the third $250, etc.

What do you use the tech fee for?

This is a fabulous question, especially in year three of the program. Here is a list of what the fee goes toward

  • It will be used to self-insure the devices so that if a Surface is broken, the student can have a replacement in minutes.
  • It will be used to help maintain and improve (when necessary) our network infrastructure so that our 1:1 technology initiative can run at optimum speed.
  • It will be used for any software or online subscriptions needed for classroom activities.
  •  It will be used to help avoid massive start-up costs after three years when the devices will be replaced.