Spirit Week:
Into the WAchives

Monday: Color Day





Monday Scavenger Hunt Item:
Mr. Bult’s Referee Shirt (2020-2021)


Tuesday: WAflix in Advisory Groups

Tuesday Scavenger Hunt Item:
WA Logo (1853)

Old Logo

Wednesday: Back to the Future

See you at the Pole – 7am

Wednesday Scavenger Hunt Item:
Gym Floorboard (1948)

Floor Board

Thursday: 2000s Day

Worship Night – 6pm

Thursday Scavenger Hunt Item:
Mrs. Hockett’s Shoe (2000)

High Heel

Friday: Our Story Day

Wear Maroon and White

Friday Scavenger Hunt Item:
Blue Ribbon (2019)

Blue Ribbon

Service Project

During Spirit Week, we will be collecting school supplies for students ages 3-5 in West Chicago District 33. These are the items that we are collecting:

  1. Construction Paper
  2. Small bottle of Elmers Glue
  3. Small pack of Crayola Markers
  4. Small pack of Crayola Crayons
  5. Composition or Spiral Notebooks

Drop off your donations in the atrium throughout the week. 

Penny Wars

This project to raises funds for the 23 vulnerable kids Wheaton Academy sponsors through Kids Alive International. We help provide for medical care, school, and other basic needs with the love of Christ for our kids in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Penny War Rules!

This is a class competition and the class that wins will earn points toward winning for Homecoming.   To win, a class must collect the most change.

Each class with a have a jug outside of the front office.  They will be marked with their class colors.  Please bring in spare change and place into your class jug.  Since there is currently a coin shortage,1dollar bills will count as change.   However, you can cancel out another class’s coins by placing $5 dollar and larger bills in another class’s jug.  For example, if the sophomores have collected $300 worth of coins, a senior can place a $20 bill in the sophomore coin jug and then the sophomores only have $280 worth of coins.

Students have until 3:30 PM on Friday of Homecoming to donate!  We would love to raise up to two months of support through this fun fundraiser.

If you have any questions, please contact any Project Global senior, Ms. Johnson, or Mrs. Gregersen.