Course Registration

The Registration Process

Once your student completes these placement tests, a member of our Student Services team will contact your family to schedule a one-on-one class registration meeting to pick your student’s classes.

Our goal is to make certain that each student is properly placed in classes that will provide the best learning environment to increase mastery of learning standards for freshman year. We also want to help students understand how to maximize their time at Wheaton Academy and enroll in the classes that will cultivate passions and prepare them for the future.

Placement recommendations for English, Math, Science, and World Language will be made by Wheaton Academy Department Heads after reviewing information gained through the placement exam. Your student’s class placements will be reevaluated each year. If you have questions or concerns about the proposed placement, we will be happy to discuss them with you at this meeting.

Finally, the master schedule of class offerings will be released in the early summer. Students’ final schedules with class order (periods 1-7) will be available mid to late July.

Please contact Angie Roberts, if you should have any questions.

Certified Birth Certificate

Illinois law requires that all enrolled families show a certified copy of the student’s birth certificate to the school. We require submitting the certified birth certificate to Student Services in person during the registration meetings. Our Student Services team will make a copy for the your student’s record at the meeting and return the birth certificate to your family immediately.

Student Showcase Webinar

During this 1-hour video you will hear from Wheaton Academy Principal, Vice Principal, and Director of Admissions, as they explain our vision for your student’s freshman year, offer some practical tips for you to consider, and recommend immediate next steps you can take. There is also a recorded Q&A at the end of the session.