June 5, 2020

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Saturday, August 1
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General News

Any Remaining Book Bundles Must Be Returned by June 8, 12:00 p.m.
All lockers and teachers’ classrooms have been cleaned out, and all books at school have been returned to the appropriate student accounts. If you have not returned the books you have at home, you may drop them off Monday, June 8, before 12:00 p.m. If you do not make this deadline, you will need to ship them back on your own.  Please click here for a detailed instruction sheet on how to return book bundles and ship the books free of charge.

Wheaton Academy Video Students Win Statewide Contest
Our video production students participated in the American Lung Association’s Radon video public service announcement contest. 135 videos were submitted from 27 Illinois schools. Out of those, Wheaton Academy received news that we had three videos in the Top 10. These student producers will receive a minimum of $250 and could potentially receive up to $1300 in prize money. Of this year’s four winners, all of them are freshmen or sophomores! It would be a huge honor to have just one video recognized in the top 10, but to have four is quite outstanding. We are very proud of these students.

As a part of this contest, there is a “Most Views” award of $300 for the student who can get people to view their YouTube video the most. Not only would we love to have you watch each of these videos, but please share these videos with your friends and families. The overall goal of this contest is to bring more awareness to people on the dangers of radon in their homes. For more information, please visit lung.org/radon.

Here are the links to our three video winners:

Radon: The Silent Killer (produced by Kenna Tolman) – https://youtu.be/xEv7HoDMX6o

Radon: A Killer in Disguise (produced by Matthew and Andrew Johnston) – https://youtu.be/rGu96RGvWaI

You’re in Danger from Radon (produced by Jeffrey Master) – https://youtu.be/Truvjf26QvM

WA Service Team Sign-Ups
The Sign-Up link for the WA 2020-2021 Service Team is now live. You may click here to access it. We encourage students and families to sign up early. Contact Jim Holtrop at jholtrop@wheatonacademy.org if you have any questions. To read additional information regarding the WA Service Teams, click here.

College Corner

Final Transcripts
Final transcripts will be sent out next week to all of our graduates’ college destinations once all financial obligations/responsibilities have been completed with Wheaton Academy.


This week each class had the opportunity to return books, surfaces, and clean out the locker rooms located in the Field House.  The boys and girls locker rooms (both P.E. and Athletic) must be cleaned out by Tuesday, June 30.  At that time,  we will discard any remaining items remaining in all the locker rooms, and donate or throw away.   If you must get into the locker room in the next three weeks,  please contact Dawn Hamm at dhamm@wheatonacademy.org  to set up a day and time to come to the Field House and get any items you may have in the locker rooms.   The Field House will be closed unless you make an appointment with Dawn Hamm.