Hosting a Shadow: Things to Know

Thank you for hosting a shadow student today! Below are a few details for the day.


  • 10:20am:  If possible, leave 3rd period early, and arrive in the Admissions Office to meet your guest.
  • 10:25am:  Attend Chapel with your guest.
  • 11:07am:  Attend 4th Period with your guest. 
  • 11:58am:  Eat Lunch with your guest – make sure you both have your lunch passes!
  • 12:36pm:  Drop your guest off in the Admissions Office.  Make sure to thank them for coming and ask if they have any additional questions before you head to 5th period. 


  • Your guest will be given a Shadow Brochure to take notes and doodle in while they are here.
    • It also has a page for your 4th period teacher to sign and for them to tell us about their day.
    • Please remind and help them to complete this section and return it to Mrs. Burdett at the end of their visit.
  • The Admissions Office will provide lunch for both you and your guest. Mrs. Burdett will give you lunch passes when you meet your guest.
  • Show your guest the restroom and drinking fountain locations.


  • Be on time!
  • You are the only person your guest “knows”, so be attentive and don’t leave him/her alone.
  • Take the time to get to know your guest! Learn about what their interests are and what makes them interested in Wheaton Academy.
  • Be prepared to share why you love WA and why you believe it could be a place for them to belong.
  • Introduce your guest to your friends and teachers while they are here.
  • Include your guest in your conversations in the hallways, classrooms and at lunch.
  • Have fun!

Thank you!
Mrs. Burdett & Mrs. Hogan