Book Rental


REMINDER: Return Your Student’s Book Bundle 
Thursday & Friday, June 1 & 2
7:30 am – 12:00 pm

If your family rented the book bundle for your student’s textbooks this year, your student received an email to their Wheaton Academy email address this week. This email listed the books that need to be returned at the end of the school year. Please make sure your student returns their books to avoid a fee. Books need to be returned on either Thursday, June 1 or Friday, June 2 in the Commons. Please email Jenn Trott with questions at


UPDATE: Book Acquisition Progress Changes for 2023-2024 School Year 

The book acquisition for the 2023-2024 school year will be different than previous years. 

There will no longer be a book bundle option for families. Families will now be responsible to purchase or rent books for their student(s). Wheaton Academy has worked with our bookstore company, eCampus, to provide each family a convenient option to purchase or rent books.

Families can shop for each student’s books using eCampus’ “Shop by Schedule” option on their website. Then, eCampus will ship the purchased or rented books directly to each family’s home. For full details on this new process click here.

We believe this option will provide an economic and streamlined process for families. Thank you for navigating this change with us. Please email Jenn Trott with questions at


How does “Shop by Schedule” work?

  • Parents will log into the eCampus bookstore using the instructions on the “Sign-in to your Account” page using your Blackbaud Account login information.
  • This login information is used to automatically pull your student’s schedule information and populate the customized booklist.
  • Parents will select the books you would like to purchase/rent and choose the preferred condition. (If you have books from a previous sibling, you wouldn’t need to purchase/rent those books)
  • Once the books are added to your shopping cart, fill out your home shipping address as they will be sent directly to your home.
  • There is one week of free shipping during the first week the bookstore is live. After the first week, families will pay for their own shipping.

Some important things to note:

  • Our faculty has worked hard this year to update our booklists to ensure they only require books that will be used in class.
  • The eCampus bookstore is the only place where you will find your student’s personal booklist which is required for each of their registered classes.
  • Wheaton Academy will no longer facilitate book returns mid-semester or at the end of the year after this current school year 2022-23. All book returns will be handled by families individually, by printing a free return shipping label from your eCampus account. Affix this label to a box with the books and return via UPS.
  • Books will be shipped directly to your home, not to Wheaton Academy. Be sure to promptly order all books in advance of the first day of school (August 22, 2023.)
  • If your student experiences a schedule change: There is a 30-day free return policy from the start of each semester at no cost to you. Parents will need to print the return shipping label from your eCampus account and mail the book back to eCampus. If your student enrolls in a new class, it will be your responsibility to purchase/rent any books for the new class.
  • It is imperative your student’ schedule is finalized before the end of the 2023-23 school year so you will be able to order your books in a timely fashion.
  • There will no longer be a book fee charged to your Tuition account in the month of September.

Detailed step-by-step instructions will be provided for your convenience when the bookstore opens.

Please ensure your student’s books are ordered and delivered before the first day of classes, August 22, 2023.