Having trouble with your Surface Pro 6?

What to do if:

It’s not working right.  Do a full restart: select the power icon from the Windows menu and tap the word Restart.  That’s not the same as pressing the power button, which just puts it to sleep but does not reset all programs and hardware drivers.  It’s a good idea to do a full restart regularly.

The keyboard stopped working.  After a full restart, apply all updates, including updates for all Microsoft products.  In Settings, Update & Security, Windows Update, Advanced options, move the switch to On for the option “Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows.” The Windows 10 1903 Update may need to be fully applied before the keyboard starts working again.

I can’t connect to a Wi-Fi network. Do a full restart, by clicking the Power icon and selecting Restart. This initiates a full reboot. (This is different than pressing the power button.) If that doesn’t work, go to All Settings (swipe from the right to select it), Network and Internet, Manage Wi-Fi Settings, and Manage Known Networks. Remove the WAstudent network (or your home network), then add it back again. The password for the WAstudent network is Warriors2! Including the exclamation point.

I broke my Surface Pro 6.   Bring it to the WA I.T. Department, we will issue you a replacement the same day.  If the Surface Pro 6 has been taken out of the case, you will be charged for the full cost of replacement for any damage or repair.  For the first incident of accidental damage incurred while the Surface Pro 6 is in the case, there will be a $200 exchange fee. For the second incident of accidental damage, there will be a $300 exchange fee.  For the third incident of accidental damage, the fee will be the actual cost of the replacement of the device.   See One to One Device Policies for details.

I lost or broke my pen, charger, or keyboard.  Replacement Surface Pro pens, chargers, and keyboards can be purchased on the Microsoft Store or on Amazon.com.  The WA I.T. Department sells replacement pens only.  Please note that upon graduating or transferring out the Surface Pro 6 must be returned with a Microsoft brand pen and keyboard as well as a working charger.

I need a new pen tip.  Pen tips can be purchased from amazon.com or from the WA I.T. Dept. Please note that the pen issued with our Surface Pro 6 requires a different tip than other Microsoft Surface pens. Look for a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 pen tip on Amazon, it is the same as the tips our pens require.

Need more help?  Come see the WA I.T. Department, we’ll do our best to set it right.

Is there a topic or question you would like to see addressed here?  Let us know!  Email I.T. Director Bob Vishanoff bobvishanoff@wheatonacademy.org