Class Selection & Electives

We are excited to show you all of the classes your student can take! Please consult the grid below to better understand a student’s possible schedule and the elective courses available. Please note that our 2020-2021 electives may update slightly. We will notify families of these changes if applicable.

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
1st Period–  Foundations of FaithFoundations of Faith
2nd Period–  EnglishEnglish
3rd Period–  Math (Algebra, Geometry, or other)Math (Algebra, Geometry, or other)
4th Period–  PhysicsPhysics
5th Period–  Health & Fitness^Intro to Historical Inquiry^
6th Period–  Chinese, French, Spanish, or electiveChinese, French, Spanish, or elective
7th Period–  ElectiveElective

^These are required one-semester courses that must be completed by the end of the freshman year. If taken during the Summer Academy, they may allow students the opportunity to fit additional elective course/s in their schedules during the school year.

Electives Available to Freshmen
  • 3D Design
  • 21st Century Programming/Design
  • Algebra I Lab ***
  • Adv. Performing Arts*
  • Adv. Python Programming*
  • Band**
  • Business Principles
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Genetics and Biological Research
  • Geometry Lab ***
  • Graphic Design I*
  • Intro to Ceramics
  • Intro to Dance
  • Intro to Engineering
  • Intro to Illustration
  • Intro to Media Arts^
  • Intro to Performing Arts
  • Intro to Python Programming
  • Intro to Robotics
  • Men’s Ensemble**
  • Networking*
  • Orchestra**
  • Percussion Ensemble**
  • Percussion Studies**
  • Photography*
  • Spanish
  • Sports Broadcasting*
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Study Hall
  • Study Lab***
  • Video Production*
  • WAtv*
  • Women’s Chorale**

*Subject to a prerequisite
**Audition required after registration
***By recommendation
^Available during Summer Academy