Setting up your Dell

Getting Started

Welcome to your new Dell laptop!

Setup is easy, but make sure to follow these instructions carefully to make sure you have access to all of Wheaton Academy’s digital resources.

Make sure you are setting up your device in a place where you will have a consistent internet connection and can safely leave it for 1-2 hours. We recommend doing this at home on your personal wifi.

  1. Plug in your device
  2. Power on your device
  3. Select English as your language and click “next”
  4. Select “United States” and click “next”
  5. For keyboard layout, ensure “US” is selected and click “yes”
  6. Here you can choose to add another keyboard layout. Unless you are bilingual, we recommend skipping this step.
  7. Connect your device to your home wifi. Again, ensure you have your computer in a place where it won’t be disconnected from the internet or powered down for the next 1-2 hours.
  8. Accept the license agreement
  9. Next you will be presented with the opportunity to name your computer. IT uses this name, and your peers and teachers can see it too, so choose carefully!

10. IMPORTANT Next you will sign in with your school provided account. It is very important to select “set up for work or school,” and then enter your school email address ( and password. If you do not then you will not have access to school resources, school wifi, etc.     

11. The device will now ask about privacy settings. Adjust these as you see fit and click “accept”

12. Next the device will ask you about some personal information. You do not need to fill this out. We suggest just leaving the fields empty and clicking “next.”

13.Check the box to agree to Dell’s privacy policy and click “next”

14.The device will now take a few minutes to set up, and then ask if you would like to set up facial recognition for sign in. You can do this or click “skip for now”
NOTE: If you set up facial recognition make sure your camera can see. The camera has a little window that opens and closes by sliding a plastic piece left and right.

15. Now you will be asked to set up multi-factor authentication and set a pin. We recommend setting up multifactor and adding a phone number to your account, but if you prefer not to you can click the “x” in the upper right corner and then click “skip for now.”

Your part is all done! Now your screen will look like this:

Just leave your computer for about 1-2 hours as it installs printers, web browsers, and a few other programs. You can feel free to use the computer, just don’t shut it down or disconnect it from the internet.

  1. Locate the “Mail” app in the start menu.

  2. After opening the Mail app, click on your email address. Email is now set up.

OnCampus is Wheaton Academy’s online academic center.

  1. Click the Login link on the homepage.
  2. Enter your email address (located on your Surface set-up sheet) and click “Next.”
  3. You will be advised that your username is being converted to a Blackbaud ID. Click “Continue.”
  4. Enter your new password and confirm it on the line below. Enter your first and last name and click “Sign Up.” 
  5. In the future, you can Login to OnCampus here. You can always find the OnCampus login link at the top of the website.

Taking Care of Your Dell

DO keep your Surface in its case at all times.
DON'T leave your Dell in hot (or cold) vehicles.
DON'T leave your Dell in places where it could be stolen.
DON'T lean on the the device when the hinge is fully extended! The hinge can break.
DON'T charge it where someone could trip on the cable.

If you break your Dell . . .

If you break your laptop the repair fee is $150. If you break your laptop again the next repair fee is $250, the next $350, going up by $100 each time.

Maintain Your Dell Latitude

  • Fully restart your Dell Latitude at least once a week.
  • Apply all updates as soon as possible! (Restarting applies downloaded updates.)
  • Battery care: once a month, let the battery drain below 50% before charging it. Avoid leaving your device plugged in 24/7 to keep your battery at the right temperature. Avoid complete battery drain.
  • Please DO label your pen and charger (we have a label maker you can use!), but do NOT put stickers or write or draw on the Dell Latitude in any way.
  • Be careful when you install software: you are a local administrator and can install software when you need to, but be careful! If a dialog box pops open asking “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?” THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU CLICK YES. If you were intentionally installing trustworthy software, click Yes. Otherwise, click No. That’s how malicious software can get installed. Watch a tutorial on installing programs and being careful!

    Back up your data! Make sure you are signed in to Microsoft OneDrive. If your Surface Pro 6 malfunctions, you could lose all the files on your system unless they are on Google Drive or OneDrive. You are responsible to back up your files.

You May Want To…

Your OneNote folders are automatically backed up in the cloud and can also be accessed on any computer at

You have an Adobe Creative Cloud account already created for you. Open the Adobe Creative Cloud application (you may need to download this from the company portal) and enter your email address. The program may ask you if this is a “personal” or a “work or school” account. It is important to select “work or school” if given the option, as a personal account will only give you the trial versions of the applications. Next you will be asked to set up a password. Once logged in, you can update your Adobe applications or install new ones from the Creative Cloud application.

On your new device is an app store called the “Company Portal.” To find this, simply click the magnifying glass at the bottom of your screen and search for “Company Portal.” This is a central location for many apps you may need to use in class. For example, if you need Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Premier for a class then you will download Adobe Creative Cloud from the company portal.

To get your printers, follow this link to a new webpage. Once you’re on the new page, your computer will ask you, “Open PaperCut Mobility Client?”, click the “Open PaperCut Mobility Client” button. Your computer will then popup a box in the bottom right corner that looks like this:

When you go to print for the first time on each printer, you will be asked to enter your username (, and your password in the following box:

This password is the one you received from IT, and the same one you use to log in to your computer and email.

Congratulations, you have your printers! Happy printing!

*If you would like to do this on a personal device, you must first install mobility print. This can be done by following “Step 1” on the link.

Read our One-to-One Device Policy Information